Microlab T10 2.1 Gaming Bluetooth Speaker

Microlab T10 2.1 Gaming Bluetooth Speaker

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Product Description

  • Model T10
  • Type Bluetooth Speaker
  • Channel 2:1
  • Rms/channel (Watt) 2 X 16watt
  • Input Interface 3.5mm Stereo
  • Output Interface 3.5mm Stereo, L/r 4pin Jacket
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (Db) 70db
  • Rms/subwoofer (Watt) 24watt
  • Feature High Power and Wide Bandwidth for Amazing Immersion in the Game. Adjustable Neon Illumination, Coupled With Unusual Design Will Be the Perfect Complement to the Finest Gaming System. Bluetooth for Ease of Use, You Can Connect the System to Your Pc or Laptop, and When You Will Be Convenient to Enjoy Music From Your Phone or Tablet Wirelessly. Bluetooth 4.0 Version Will Allow You to Enjoy the Sound of High Quality, Same as on the Wire. Wired Remote Control and the Ability to Plug in the Headphones for Your Convenience and Comfort. Subwoofer 5.25 Inch Speaker for Stunning Special Effects, Fights, Explosions, Car Chases
  • Dimensions 105 X 177 X 185mm
  • Weight (Kg) 7.4kg
  • Warranty 1 Year


Model - T10, Type - Bluetooth Speaker, Channel - 2.1, RMS/Channel (Watt) - 2 x 16Watt, RMS/Subwoofer (Watt) - 24Watt, Signal to Noise Ratio (dB) - 70dB, Input Interface - 3.5mm Stereo, Output Interface - 3.5mm Stereo, L/R 4pin jacket, Feature - High power and wide bandwidth for amazing immersion in the game. Adjustable neon illumination, coupled with unusual design will be the perfect complement to the finest gaming system. Bluetooth for ease of use, you can connect the system to your PC or laptop, and when you will be convenient to enjoy music from your phone or tablet wirelessly. Bluetooth 4.0 version will allow you to enjoy the sound of high quality, same as on the wire. Wired remote control and the ability to plug in the headphones for your convenience and comfort. Subwoofer 5.25 inch speaker for stunning special effects, fights, explosions, car chases, Dimensions (WxHxD) - 105 x 177 x 185mm, Weight - 7.4Kg, Warranty - 1 year

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